Disability Insurance
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Long-Term Disability Insurance

At the Haney Law Office, individuals with disability insurance claims can obtain experienced, knowledgeable counsel and presentation by an attorney who is familiar with the many various disability policies sold by insurance companies. Whether you are located in Grand Rapids Michigan, or surrounding region, the Haney Law Office can help you.

Protecting the Rights of Employees and Insureds

Attorney Troy Haney has a track record of successfully protecting the insured rights of people with disability insurance claims. Since every client’s circumstances are unique, it’s best to discuss your individual concerns with Attorney Haney in a preliminary consultation, but here are some fundamentals of long term disability insurance for you to consider.

Requiring the Insurance Company to Replace Your Lost Income

For the vast majority of Americans, an injury or illness that prevents them from working is a significant problem – the interruption in income from work has a major effect on their lives. The purpose of disability insurance is to make up for the income loss that occurs from a disability (whether it’s temporary or permanent). There are three main types of disability insurance, and each has its advantages, disadvantages and maze of guidelines.

  • Disability insurance paid by one’s employer
  • Disability benefits provided by Social Security, a federal program
  • Disability income insurance policies that an individual pays for himself

In addition, in certain circumstances replacement income can be obtained from Workers Compensation (state-run), the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, and/or auto insurance (i.e., if the disability is the result of a traffic accident).

Representation by the Haney Law Office Can Make the Difference

For each of the above types of disability insurance, having an attorney represent you can mean the difference between getting and not getting the benefits you are owed, or in:

  • The amount of benefits you receive
  • How soon the benefits begin being paid to you
  • How much of a hassle you must endure to get the benefits

Vast Experience Dealing with Disability Insurers

At the Haney Law Office, we have handled literally over a thousand long term disability insurance claims and issues on behalf of our clients. Every disability insurer – whether it’s a government program or affiliated with your employer or another private entity – is keen to keep costs down by being tight fisted about paying disability claims. To maximize both the likelihood of getting your disability claim granted and the amount of your insurance benefits, it’s in your best interest to turn to a highly experienced long term disability insurance attorney such as Troy Haney.